Mzungus in Development and Governments

I’m Omar Bah, an anthropologist from the fictitious African country, (un)imaginatively called Democratic Republic of Straight Lines (DRSL) (Obviously, I am fictitious also). Specializing on the International Development and Humanitarian sector, I am interested in the expatriate community in charge of aid. Those working to alleviate poverty, respond to crises and strengthen the public sector: the Mzungus, as some African languages call them. In particular, I document their customs, beliefs and interactions with the local society. Based between London and DRSL City, I am often invited to speak on behalf of Africa at various conferences.  In 2020, I completed my PhD, but no academic journal agreed to publish any part of it, so my friends Naga and Greta convinced me to turn it into a graphic novel and publish it online. It tells stories of Mzungus and Goals that were never reached, and it is called Mzungus in Development and Governments.


See my CV to know more about me. You can also skim through the links that kept me company during fieldwork. I will upload a new section of the Phd every week. Subscribe to get the episodes in your inbox. Keep in touch!

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